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Water metering can reduce consumption by a fifth but only high income households gain financially

New research has indicated that water consumption can be reduced by more than 20%, significantly more than current policy targets following the installation of meters. Whilst this shows that overall benefits of water metering outweigh the costs, the researchers also found that high income households benefit financially by switching to a metered tariff despite reducing their consumption by considerably less than lower income households.

Transition to renewable energy needs to consider global threat to species

A new study has shown the extent to which countries drive biodiversity loss overseas through their demand for electric power. For some countries more than half of the impact on species is overseas. While the study found that the shift towards renewable electric needed to combat climate change would likely reduce the impacts on biodiversity, the overseas impact makes it difficult to understand how “green” our electric really is.

Professor Dame Wendy Hall features in Royal Society’s People of Science

Professor Dame Wendy Hall features in a new series of short films featuring Fellows of the Royal Society discussing their favourite scientists in history.

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Fyra av årets Nobelpristagare föreläser vid Uppsala universitet

Weight change between pregnancies is linked to having premature and large at birth babies

Research from the University of Southampton has identified that women who are not overweight and lose significant weight (more than 3 kg/m2) between their first and second pregnancies could have a greater risk of a premature birth than those who maintained a stable weight. This link was evident only in women whose body mass index was within the recommended range of 18.5 and 24.9 kg/m2 at the start of their…

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