Month: September 2019

Kön var viktigare än rang i 1600-talets adelsbegravningar

Inställt evenemang: Dag Hammarskjöldföreläsning med Christiana Figueres

Kön viktigare än stånd i 1600-talets adelsbegravningar

INSTÄLLD. Dag Hammarskjöldföreläsning med Christiana Figueres

Tiny plankton slow to recover after dinosaur killing asteroid collision

A team of scientists have revealed that after the devastation caused by a mass extinction event on Earth 66 million years ago, the plankton at the base of the ocean ecosystem were disrupted for nearly two million years. It then took a further eight million years for global species numbers to fully recover.

Pitt’s Affordability Initiatives, Academic Accomplishments Highlighted at Board of Trustees Meeting

University to be at the centre of developing Britain’s infrastructure

The University of Southampton will continue to lead the way in shaping the future of the UK’s major infrastructure with the opening of the National Infrastructure Laboratory on its Boldrewood innovation campus.

Bidrag till viktig forskningsinfrastruktur vid Uppsala universitet

Starkt rättsligt skydd mot kommunikationspåverkan i krig

Artwork creates a ‘buzz’ at Winchester Cathedral

Staff and students at the University of Southampton’s Winchester School of Art (WSA), together with other young people and local residents, have made a giant bee from used plastic water bottles and other recycled material to raise awareness of environmental issues.